Monday, July 30, 2012

RIP Kenton

Kenton was a guy with a big heart. He will be missed greatly by everyone, but at least we know that we will see him again someday in heaven. He was someone that probably had one of the biggest hearts I know. Back in september when I did a presentation on Haiti in front of my history class and at the end Mr.K asked me if I could figure out if we could sponsor a child in Haiti, and right then and there Kenton stood up and handed me money for it, which led others to give towards the cause. Then a few weeks later when Mr.K asked me if I could start to organize a mission trip to Mission of Hope Haiti for March Break, Kenton was one of the first ones to sign up for it. Almost every day after that he asked me if I needed any help with organizing or finding flights etc. Once our mission team got to Haiti, I really saw the kids just drawn to him, and he was so good with them. I could see that he loved being there and he had a real heart for the people. He told me that he wanted to be an intern at Mission of Hope in the future. I really saw God working through him while we were there. Shortly after coming back he asked me for all the information that I had used to organize that trip, because he told me that he really wanted to lead a mission trip with his church there for this March Break. 

He will be missed so much by all of us, and especially among those of us that had the amazing experience of going to Haiti together, that trip drew us all really close to one another and formed a bond between all of us. Please keep all of his friends and family in your prayers

Rest in Peace Kenton Van Pelt


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