Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lyrics (by Teagan)

So you probably listen to alot of songs, and know all the words, and sing them whenever you hear the song. But how many times do you really pay attention to what the song is saying, or actually mean what you are singing. I've spend some time finding lyrics to some of the songs I love, and I've really listened and thought about what the songs are saying. I highly recommend these songs, and I hope the lyrics really make you think.

Give me Your eyes for just one second
Give me Your eyes so I can see,
everything that I keep missing
Give me Your love for humanity
Give me Your arms for the broken hearted,
the ones that are far beyond my reach
Give me Your heart for the ones forgotten
Give me Your eyes so I can see

~Give Me Your Eyes~ by Brandon Heath

Why you try to be like the rest of them
When you know there's so much more within
There's only one you

~Headphones~ by Britt Nicole

I look back to the cross
Back to the One
To the love that held Him there for us
Back to the place, I was set free
Where His arms are wide enough for me
Everything I want
For all I'll ever need
I look back to cross

~Back to the Cross~ by Our Heart's Hero

I could play the background.
I could play the background.
'Cause I know sometimes I get in the way.
So won't You take lead, lead, lead.
So won't You take lead, lead, lead.
And I can play the background, background
and You can take lead.

~Background~ by Lecrae

It's time for healing,
time to move on
It's time to fix what's been broken too long
Time to make right,
what has been wrong
It's time to find my way to where I belong

Whatever You're doing inside of me
It feels like chaos,
but somehow there's peace
And it's hard to surrender to what I can't see
But I'm giving in, to something heavenly

~Something Heavenly~ by Sanctus Real

I have not much to offer You
Not near what you deserve
But still I come because Your cross
Has placed in me my worth

I can't explain this kind of love
I'm humble and amazed,
That You'd come down from heaven's heights
And greet me face to face

~Unashamed~ Starfield

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Babies!!! (By Teagan)

I love little kids. Especially babies! Here at Mission of Hope there is the Hope Village Orphanage and there are around 60 awesome kids (well alot of them are older than me, so i guess not all of them are kids), but the 5 babies are my all time favourite (shhh don't tell anyone :])

First there is Pierre, the oldest. Pierre has mental and physical difficulties, but that doesn't stop him from smiling! He was abandoned at the Clinic of Hope in the summer of 2010. Pierre is around 3 years old, but he can’t move that good, or talk, despite that he is the happiest baby I have ever seen! He just lays in his bed and laughs his head off for no apparent reason! He has the most adorable smile ever!

Next comes Angelie. Angelie is around 2 and a half. She has some mental difficulties as well, and she used to not be able to walk up until a couple of months ago. Before that she would just scoot around on the floor. It was super cute! She also has a really funny laugh. Angelie loves to make noise, screaming, babbling, and clapping, but once and a while she will be quiet and fall asleep on you (but that is pretty rare!). Like Pierre, Angelie was abandoned at the Clinic, after the earthquake. 

Then there is Matthew. Matthew just turned 2 in January. He loves to play with toys, and is starting to talk in an understandable way. Sometimes he will look at me in a certain way, and I swear he looks like he is 10 years old! He loves to watch cars, motorbikes and ATVs drive by. Matthew was found at another orphanage in Cabaret called Good Samaritan. He was malnourished and couldn’t hold him self up, and now he is a healthy little boy running around all the time. Today when I went to see them he started laughing when I came in, it was really unexpected and cute!

Finally there is Hannah and Jeremiah. They are twins who are 1 and a half years old. Hannah is very quiet and loves to be held, but she will get some crazy moments and run around and yell and play. Jeremiah, like his sister, likes to be held, but then he will jump down and start running around trying to play with whatever someone else is playing with. He also loves to sit and watch cars drive by. Hannah and Jeremiah were abandoned when they were 6 days old. They were premature, and Hannah weighed 2.8 pounds and Jeremiah was 3.5. Now they are big, chunky, healthy, adorable babies!

So i hope that after reading this you see why i love these babies so much, but if you don't then i guess you will just have to come down here and see them for yourselves :)

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Orphans (Grayden)

Hey everybody
Down in Haiti we have this orphanage close by staff housing.  There is about 63 kids there. Me, my friends and pretty much everybody here has to share this sports arena.  The orphans got roller blades for christmas and so did me and my friend Zach.  The orphans also got hockey sticks.  It is fun to play hockey with them  and with other staff kids here who have roller blades.  I ploughed over one of the other staff kids here named JD while playing one-on-one with him.  We went back to his house for the kids choice awards(which were sweet) and JD tried to slam dunk a huge water balloon on his basketball net.  I ended up getting a great picture of the water balloon smashing as it hit the rim and soaking JD.
One last thing. How do you get 400ml of water without measuring from a bucket that's 300ml and from a bucket of 500ml(Riddle).  I'll tell you on my next blog.


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Recent vacation (Grayden)

For March Break me and my family went to the Dominican Republic.  We got v.i.p. so we got extra stuff.  An extra pool, an extra section on the beach and even extra restaurants only for v.i.p.'s.  My favourite thing at the resort we went to was probably that there was a mexican restaurant with tacos, nachos,burritos and ribs(I don't know why they had ribs).  I took a bunch of random videos on my parent's underwater camera, and now that they downloaded it they say it messes up their computer(I hope that it doesn't break because it's like 1000 dollars and they might make me pay for it).  I also got in trouble by the lifeguard at the main pool at the resort because I jumped in the pool(I don't see how I could get in trouble for that).
Got to go
I'll post again soon


We're new at this

Hey everybody,
Welcome to our awesome new blog where we tell you about our lives and the cool stuff we do. First off we live in Haiti, (some of you know our parents or have been following them on their blog []). Our names are Grayden and Teagan. Teagan is the oldest, then Grayden, then our younger siblings, Bridgely, Ana and Mina. This first blog we wrote together but in the future we will probably write them separately. So enjoy our blog, and feel free to follow us on our adventures.

Grayden and Teagan