Monday, May 30, 2011

38 things that make me happy (By Teagan)

1. Reading a new book
2. Adorable babies
3. Playing with little kids
4. When there is a torrential downpour in the middle of the day
5. Awesome coloured nail polish
6. Homechurch
7. Having people to talk to
8. ATV rides
9. Sunsets
10. Being so over tired that everything seems hilarious
11. Sweaters and jeans
12. Seeing people's reactions to the insane driving in Haiti
13. Friends
14. People not treating me like a kid
15. Actually hitting what I was aiming at with a bb-gun
16. Making someone smile
17. Birthdays
18. Watching a movie at the Hope House with kids and babies falling asleep on me
19. Toddlers that faces burst into smiles when they see me
20. Watching a movie that I love with someone who has never seen it
21. Accomplishing something
22. Helping people push someone in a pool, only to have them turn on me and push me in
23. Winning at Chubby Bunny
24. Skittles
25. When people ask me if I am a year or two older than I actually am
26. Sarcasm
27. People trying to be sarcastic but it doesn't really work
28. Camp Kahquah
29. Listening to lame songs when no one is around
30. Seeing people I haven't seen in 3 years
31. Forgetting the English words to the songs at church because I only remember them in Creole
32. Fitting 11 people and a dog in a 7 seater car on the way back from the beach
33. The surprise on people's faces when they see all of us in that car
34. Taking people aback by speaking creole to them
35. Trees
36. Finding out that the reason I sound so bad when I play the trombone is because it has a crack in it, not because I suck
37. Getting to skip school to go somewhere
38. Living in Haiti

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Waterfall (Grayden)

Hey everybody! 
Today I went to a waterfall called Saut D'Eau, 2 hours from where I live in Haiti. 
I wasn't really excited until we got there.  My sister(Teagan) told us it was free but when we got there it was actually 1 dollar.  Luckily we got 1 dollar from somebody else.  There were big smooth rocks that the waterfall landed on.  Some of them were really slippery and I slipped and collided into a few people.  There were small pools the water would go into so I swam in them.
There was a few rocks that were really slippery and they made sort of a slide, and the water from the waterfall pushed you so you went pretty fast.
Here are some pictures of me and the waterfall.

P.S  The answer to the riddle is you pour the 500 ml bucket into the 300 ml bucket so you have 200 ml left in the 500 ml bucket.  Then you dump the 300 ml bucket out and pour the 200 ml from the 500 ml bucket in the 300 ml bucket.  Then you fill the 500 ml bucket back up and you fill the 300 ml and you have 400 ml in the 500 ml bucket.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Field Trips (by Teagan)

You know how you always look forward to field trip when you are in school. You might go to the museum, or the art gallery, or the zoo... well here we do field trips Haiti style!

Where better to go for a field trip in Haiti than the Beach! You might think that since we live on a tropical island we must go to the beach alot. Well that is not the case, my parents work very hard, and so does everyone else who lives on the mission, so going to the beach is a treat! We went there a few months ago. You can bask in the sun, play in the waves, and (of course) push people in the pool! We lured Diana (our teacher) close to the pool, and we pushed her in (ok maybe she was very suspicious, and knew what was going to happen, but whatever) Going to the beach also gives you a little hint of what Haiti used to look like a long time ago.

Next we have the Haiti Baptist Mission. I guess this is a bit more like a typical North American field trip, but in a way it is not even close! The Baptist Mission is about 2 hours away, and up in the mountains. It is so pretty there and also quite cold! Its about 20 degrees C (68 F)! Yes that is cold! Anyways at the Baptist Mission they have a museum all about the history of Haiti, it's really cool. They have a souvenir shop with all different handmade objects. They have the best bakery EVER, and a restaurant with North American food (quite rare in Haiti!). And finally my personal favourite a zoo... ok so it is kind of pitiful, but hey it is a zoo, with a real live crocodile, peacocks, goats, bunnies, and a monkey named Fifi, that loves hair with bobbles and barrettes in it (AKA Ana and Mina's hair [my sisters]). Also nearby there is the "lookout". you can see pretty much everything from up there, it is awesome! I haven't been there since a year ago, so I will have to visit there again soon!

And then we have the Sugar Cane Museum. Now this one is more like a field trip where you actually learn about stuff (sucks right! just kidding) We learned all about how sugar cane was made, and they had really old sugar cane making tools which was awesome! It was really cool to learn about how Haiti used to export a ton of the sugar for North American a long time ago. We went there last year for our last-day-before-christmas-break field trip.

These are all just examples of all the wonderful places in Haiti that make living here even more amazing than just everyday life, which if I may say so myself, is pretty fun!